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"Move Out Move In Cleaning"
( Deep Clean And Steam Clean Carpets)

$249.99 Apartment 2 Bed 2 Bath

$299.99 House 4Bed 3 Bath

$399.99 House 6 Bed 4 Bath

$499.99 House 8 Bed 5 Bath
" All Prices May Be Subject Change"

"Move Out Move In Cleaning"
( Deep Clean And Steam Clean Carpets)

Our Beautiful House Cleaners Move Out Move In Service is one of the best
money can buy because it leaves everything perfectly spotless. Usually people use this service in 3 types of ways number one to get there cleaning deposit back from a rental home. Number two sometimes when people move in to a new place it's not up there cleanness standard because the previous tenant left some dirt and garbage behind and of coarse you don't want to put your clean new stuff on top of the old dirty tenants stuff so that where are move in service comes in it cleans everything. Last but not least we have the clean up before sale service which is usually used by real state agents for open house clean up. So when there perspective clients come by to check there new property it's in the best condition possible basically spotless and ready to buy and move in. We clean inside and outside of all cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen floors, inside the fridge, outside the fridge, inside of the oven,
outside of the oven, and we clean the stove burners and all. In the bathroom we scrub the bathroom tub, bathroom walls and bathroom floor. Also medicine cabinet inside outside and the toilet. We scrub the shower glass door and rails. And Of coarse we clean all reachable windows inside and window rails.
All base boards all cleaned, all floors are cleaned, all carpets are vacuumed all carpets are steamed cleaned. So if your moving out or moving in and you need your place to be spotless this is the way to go thanks and have a good day. And for further detailed information
please take a look at the chart below.

"Deep Cleaning Plus Steam Cleaning Carpets"
*We Bring All Our Own Supplies*

Living Spaces
Bathroom Cleaning
TV's Dusted
Kitchen Counters Cleaned
Tub's Scrubbed
DVD Player's
Kitchen Cabinet's Handles Cleaned
Shower Scrubbed
Lamp Fixtures Dusted
Front Of Refrigerator Cleaned
Bathrooms Sinks Scrubbed
Computers Dusted
Micro Wave Oven Cleaned Inside and Out
Shower glass doors cleaned
Shelves dusted
Stove cleaned and scrubbed
Toilet scrubbed and disinfected
Wood Furniture Polished
Outside of Oven cleaned
Back of toilet , around toilet and the toilet floor disinfected and scrubbed
Outside of cabinets dusted
Sink cleaned and scrubbed
Bathroom light fixtures dusted
Windows cleaned inside
Most Kitchen Appliances cleaned
Bathroom cosmetic bottles cleaned
Mirrors cleaned
Kitchen floor cleaned
Bathroom medicine cabinet cleaned inside and outside cleaned
Light Switches cleaned and disinfected
Garbage emptied out
Shower knobs cleaned and left shiny, not guaranteed but we try our best
Door Handles cleaned and disinfected
Kitchen Sink Cleaned and disinfected
Towel racks cleaned
Picture frames dusted
Outside of All Cabinets Cleaned
Cabinets handles cleaned and disinfected
Plastic flowers dusted
We also clean dryer and washer machines and wash area
Bathroom floors cleaned
Base boards dusted
Light switches disinfected and cleaned
Window sills cleaned
Trash in bathrooms emptied
All rooms vacuumed
Garbage containers emptied


"Deep Clean Extras Deep Clean Extras"

Living Spaces
Furniture polished
Kitchen floor scrubbed
We do our best to remove all mold from bathtub and shower
Under cushions in couches vacuumed
Refrigerator and freezer emptied out and scrubbed
We do our best to remove all mold from walls and ceilings
All Carpets Are Steamed Cleaned
Refrigerator if not too heavy moved and cleaned behind and underneath
We do our best to remove all mold from sink
Inside of oven scrubbed
We do our best to remove all mold from toilet
Stove scrubbed
We clean and or scrub bathroom floor
Sink scrubbed and if possible mold removed



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